STS 2023 Cardiothoracic Surgeon Compensation Survey - Individual Access

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Cardiothoracic surgeons provide tremendous value to the patients and institutions they serve. But understanding that value, and translating it into fair compensation, has always been a challenge. The First Annual STS Compensation Survey was undertaken to help U.S.-based cardiothoracic surgeons understand their value in the market and strengthen their negotiating position with employers.  

This report captures the many compensation nuances of the specialty, including subspecialty, career stage, gender, ethnicity, geographic location, service area, and employment model. 

STS worked with consulting firm Gallagher, an expert in physician compensation and valuation services, to collect and analyze data and produce an annual compensation report. Data collected by Gallagher is confidential and has not been shared with STS. The survey reports only aggregated data consistent with federal guidelines to ensure data integrity and anonymity.

The information contained within is for individual use only; please refer to the legal notice on the opening page of the report for more. 

Physician/Individual Access$750$2500
Resident/Fellow/Medical Student$100$250
Institutional Access$7500

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